Hey ISS readers, I am Varun I have been reading ISS stories since a long time but this is my first story and its a true incident about how I lost my virginity about me I am 18, 6 ft with a bit chubby but athletic body and with a tool of 6-7 actually I never measured it but I was told it was enough to satisfy a lady any girl or aunt near Lucknow or Kanpur who wants to have the sex of there life can contact me so now ill come to my incident

It happened 2 years ago when I was studying in 12th standard we used to live in a two floor house in a popular place of Lucknow I used to stay on the ground floor and my aunt in her mid 40 used to live on the first floor, she and my mom were great friends and as she had a son of my age so I used to daily visit her house and she used to always greet me happily I used to watch porn since a young age and at first I had no bad intentions about her but when I started reading aunt stories on ISS I got attracted towards her and though I did not liked her son I still used to visit her just to get some chance

So it all started one day when my mom sent me to bring some milk from her I went upstairs the door was open so I went upstairs and I called on for her son he was in the washroom and she was sleeping in her bedroom she used to usually wear nighty at home I got seduced by seeing her hot figure of 35-30-36(though not sure never asked) she had a big ass and big melons I thought of doing something

So I just went near her legs and first called her name to check whether she was fast asleep and then I raised her nighty a bit and turned on the torch of my phone and looked inside her nighty and it was heaven as she wasn’t wearing anything and I could see her pussy surrounded by hair I gained more confident and raised it till her pussy and omg! It was the first time I saw a real pussy and I was lost in gazing at it and then I bent and sniffed in the aroma and it was awesome! I thought of doing something else but I heard the sound of flush and her son coming out so I pulled back her nighty and ran downstairs and masturbated thinking of her and cursed her son for coming out at such a moment

Days passed and I could not get her off my mind I daily masturbated thinking of her and used to find chances to see her cleavage I knew she was sex starved as her husband was a dumb ass and they did slept with there son in the same room so I was pretty sure that they didn’t had sex

I started thinking of ways how to seduce her but was scared that what if she tells my parents so I dint do anything initially but as days passed by my starvation for sex increased and one day I got my chance as my mom had gone out and her son and husband had gone for school and work respectively so we both were alone and I had to have my lunch with her I had planned that no matter what ill seduce and fuck her fat ass today so I went upstairs and she was in the kitchen cooking food for us I went behind her and brushed my hand against her ass she looked at me and I started asking her what she was cooking just so that she thinks it was by mistake

Then I started helping her and brushed my hand and elbow against her melons and ass many times and it was time to make a big move I spilled water on her nighty and started apologizing and saying that it was by mistake (though it wasn’t) her boobs were clearly visible as she didn’t used to wear bra at home she realized that her everything was visible and she left to change I went up to her room after a few min as she dint come back

I saw that she forgot to lock the door in hurry and throw small opening I say she was rubbing her boobs my mouth was left open by that scene and I got an instant boner seemed like my plan was working I ran to the washroom and took her panty and sniffed its lovely smell and whacked off when I came back I saw she was even in a sexier nighty because maybe she dint find anything else

We went to her living room and had lunch while watching tv and we started watching a romantic movie which had wild scenes I was pretending to be sleepy and and lied on my shoulder and to add to me ecstasy she asked me to lie on her lap her nighty was already up due to her sitting position and movement of my head made it even more up and her milky thighs were visible first I faced sideways and glanced at her thighs and even kissed her which she didn’t notice and then I turned my face upwards and omg! There were her large melons hanging down as she dint wear any bra they were so big that I couldn’t even see her face and they just inches away from my face

I started to blow on them she thought I was sleeping and she got so seduced that she started rubbing her nipples I took some courage and started rubbing her boobs from down she started moaning then she realized and pushed me away and yelled at me what are you doing this isn’t right I said I know you want someone to satisfy you and while she was yelling I went to her and started kissing her she resisted a bit but she gave in as she was way too seduced I sucked her lower lip and then inserted my tongue and as our tongues were fighting she broke the kiss and asked to go to bed room

I lifted her up and kissed her while taking to the bedroom I laid her down and and started kissing her wildly I kissed her ears her cleavage her shoulders and then I removed her nighty and finally it was the first time I say a lady naked that too lying in front of me I pounced on her boobs like wild tiger and I squeezed her one boob while I licked the other and then I bit her nipple and she shouted slow down I am all yours! I licked her stomach and naval completely while she was moaning aah aah fuck me varun fuck.Me your uncle never satisfies me fuck me and then as I went down to lick her pussy she stopped me and asked what I was doing I said I was going to lick your pussy she was like what no I asked haven’t anyone ever licked your pussy she was like noo

So I told her just to sit back and relax I licked, kissed and then inserted my tongue inside her vagina while she was moaning ahh ahh this feels so good aah aah don’t stop plzz aah aah then I got up and said its your turn she didn’t get it I asked haven’t you ever given any blowjob she was like no I took my clothes off and guided her mouth to suck my dick she was surprised to see its size and told me that her husbands was so small and then after hesitating a bit she took it in her mouth and then I asked her to suck it omg! That feeling I just loved it! It is truly said nothing is better than a blowjob I moved her head while she sucked me I was on the verge on cumming and I thrusted it deep and she choked and I shot my load in she took my tool out and coughed then she said it tastes good!

And then I started kissing her all over till my dick got erect she was surprised to see that I got erection within few minutes and pleaded me to fuck her but I was in full mood to tease her I rubbed my dick over her pussy while she begged we were lying in missionary

Then I just entered it inside and started thrusting it she was tight as she never had a big dick inside her she was shouting in pain and pleasure at first she asked me to go slow but it was soon turned into fuck me harder I fucked her in many positions and we fucked madly for 20 mins in which she came three times I took my dick out when I was on the verge of cumming and I squirted all over her boobs and then we lied on the bed cuddling each other she told me that I thought her many things I was like its just the start and we smooched again and when we looked at the clock it was 2 and her son would come back by 3 we got into the washroom and washed each other and had another session there and we had one more sessions when her son had gone to his coaching

I hope you like the story and forgive me for errors as it is my first time this was followed by lot more fun and I would post that in consequent stories I hope you liked the story and don’t forget to send feedbacks at singh.varun22601@gmail.com and any lady mature or young near Lucknow or Kanpur contact me if you wanna have some wild and powered sex or sex chats or just normal friendship I am always ready 😉 do response.


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